Chandelier Cleaning

Your trusted chandelier cleaning partner. Antique, crystal and all other treasured chandeliers expertly cleaned.

We are pleased to offer you a one-of-a-kind chandelier cleaning service developed internally by Real View Services. Chandeliers transform any room. From the most subtle, to the most extravagant, a chandelier adds glamour, beauty and elegance whilst bringing warmth and character, not just to a grand ballroom or other fine establishments, but also to our homes, creating an ambience which makes our dinner parties sparkle and our family and friends feel welcome.

Having a chandelier professionally cleaned by skilled artists brings your home or commercial space to life. When you have your chandelier cleaned by trained technicians, you cut down on erosion and avoid future damage and repairs.

What we do


Chandeliers are our passion and we are proud to deliver a high-value bespoke service, tailored specifically to the individual needs of our clients.


We are professional, responsive and flexible in our approach, instilling confidence in our clients that we achieve consistent and stunning results. We believe that our clients should expect and receive the highest standard of service and workmanship.


Chandelier cleaning is specialised and attention to detail is essential. Delicate and complex components with hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual crystal droplets are carefully cleaned using a specially formulated solution to bring each piece back to its original glory.


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