Floor Care & Restoration

As experienced Marble Polishing Company in Qatar, we know that the cleanliness and appearance of your floors directly impacts the success of your business. As such, we offer various Floor care company that combine our expert knowledge, leading-edge techniques, and decades of experience. You can trust our team and the process of commercial floor maintenance to preserve and improve the appearance of your floors all year long.

Beautifully maintained floors can make your business shine. In addition to enhancing your company image, properly maintained floors also contribute to a clean and safe working environment. As part of the commercial cleaning plan for your Toronto business, don’t forget to ensure your floors will always look their best!

The services we offer include:

Environmental factors along with heavy foot traffic means dirt and dust will be embed into the surface of your floors and cause build-up over time. The accumulation of grime will typically not come off with mopping alone. We offer a complete strip and wax package that will renew the life of your floors and restore its shine.

Buffing is a type of floor maintenance sometimes referred to as polishing and residual floor cleaning. It is generally used between stripping and waxing applications, as it doesn’t generate an excessive shine nor does it last as long as burnishing.

A high-speed polisher is used on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to bring back the floor’s shine. Burnishing is used most often between stripping and waxing applications to renew the floor’s appearance.

Over time, dirt and grime will build up in the porous surfaces of your tile flooring and cause the tile and grout to lose its stunning appearance. Let our Real View Services team rejuvenate your tiles with our tile and grout service. We’ll bring back your floor’s original lustre and shine, making the surface appear like new.


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