Window & Signboard Cleaning


The value of clean windows remains the same from high-rise offices to small cafes or large stores, for both hygiene and aesthetic reasons. Our Real View commercial window cleaning service is designed to provide the best results in the most convenient and effective way possible. We can tailor our service to suit your needs, to offer our excellent service to your daily operations with minimal disruption.

We offer a multitude of window cleaning services listed below:

  • Traditional window cleaning
  • Reach and wash window cleaning
  • Abseil window cleaning
  • Cherry picker/aerial platform window cleaning


A clean home, is a happy home and when it comes to cleaning, we know there aren’t many people that can compete with us on price or quality of service.

In the Qatar we enjoy some great weather, however, the conditions can also be harsh with high temperatures and plenty of dust and sand.

Real View Services specialises in window cleaning. We don’t just wipe your windows; we wash windows and the frames. Effective cleaning of your homes windows can be very time consuming or just impossible without the right tools and know-how. By using the technology, and trained staff for your window cleaning requirements, we can guarantee that your windows will be shining and will also remain cleaner for longer too.


There are several signboards that are used for the sake of displaying different kinds of advertisement all over Qatar. We offer the finest professional service in the retail as well as commercial sectors.

Our Real View signboard cleaning services have been so designed that we can clean the sign boards and strip it off any type of signage material. No matter where the board is aligned and at what height, we have trained staff who will handle it. They will climb over and regardless of how small or big the signboard may be; they will clean it with precision.

So, make it a point to get in touch with us and we will do a survey and get back to you with an estimate. We will help you advertise on spotless clean signboards that can surely mark the right thumping mark. When it comes to advertisement and marketing, it is crucial to ensure that you make a resounding mark. We make that happen with our reliable cleaning services in Qatar.


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