Bee-hive Removal

Cockroaches can measure over 50 mm (2 in) length, with tropical species tending to be larger than those found in other climates. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennae and some have wings. However, most winged cockroaches are not particularly adept at flying. Our technicians are trained to help manage cockroaches. Since every home is different, we will design a unique program for your situation.

Method of Treatment

Treatment 1: target adults & stop roaches from reproducing

The first part of the service is a detailed inspection of all areas in your home with present or suspected roach activity. Our technician will inspect your home and focus on areas where roaches tend to congregate, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

After the inspection, Our technician will apply a customized treatment to the areas in your home with suspected or confirmed roach activity.

During this treatment,Our technician will:

  • Apply a product that interferes with the cockroach reproductive cycle and prevents new adults from developing
  • Apply an insecticide to kill as much of the active adult population as possible
  • Use baiting systems or traps to help kill active adults and/or identify the locations where they like to congregate, when necessary

Treatment 2: target any roaches that have matured after the first treatment

Two weeks later, Our technician will perform a second treatment to monitor treatment progress and treat any remaining roaches. This service is especially important because it allows us to get rid of any roaches that were in their egg or nymph stage during the first round of treatment and were not exterminated.

Once the second treatment has been completed, we guarantee your home will be free from roaches for 30 days from the date of the second treatment. If roaches return at any point during that period, simply let us know and we will send out a technician at no cost to you within 1 business day (in most cases) to inspect and treat any new roach activity.


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