We have great pleasure to give you brief introduction about us. we Real view tower access located at Qanat Quartier, The pearl, Doha state of Qatar. We are one of the rope access Specialist well management and professional Team working company in Qatar.

We are very much delighted in recommending our company to you concerning Tower Access services. We remain too keen to get associated with your reputed company. We, therefore, request you to provide us an opportunity to offer our facade cleaning services in Qatar. We strongly hope our service with qualified and experienced technicians will full fill your requirement and satisfaction. Not only that we ensure best and competitive price service too.

We have established our company on the basis of truthfulness and honesty. Our straightforward approach has earned the respect, has helped us to establish long-term ties and repeated business from our clients. Be rest assured that our Management and Rope Access Technician would be an asset to your Requirement Job.

Who we are

Tower Access is a Special Division of Real Views Services, established in 2015 in Qatar. It is a Special operation and specifically formed to provide Rope Access to industries. Working under Professionally and Certified Management Team. Our people have in excess of more Than (10) years’ well experience. Our commitment to the highest safety standards at Tower Access safety comes first. We have highly trained teams of Rope Access Technicians with a variety of underlying skills and disciplines ready for dispatch to whatever extreme location that may await them.


Tower- Access is a specialized subsidiary of and it’s operated by well experienced Team, to provide, safe and customized rope access solutions to reach high levels and remote areas, of any facility of property. Committed to excellence! Committed to you!!


  • Our values shape our culture and drive our actions as a company and as individuals, thus our values guide how we behave and make decisions.
  • We make every effort to ensure, we achieve services excellence safely and sustainably through the quality and diligence of our peoples the efficiency is our service.
  • Innovation – we are committed to provide our services better, faster and safer by applying, best practice, continuous learning, creativity while customize solutions.
  • Partnership – we believe in the power of collaboration that produces, share goal and skill long terms success, increased rewards for all.
  • Quality- we actively encourage a working environment of passionate. Individuals who are ready to take on any challenging happily, are enthusiasm and vigor about rope access.


We employ a Variety of cleaning techniques Treatment ranging from traditional pressure washing and applicators to tougher industries jobs requiring sand & grit blasting and chemical degreasing.

  • Spider Cleaning | Bird Control
  • Signage cleaning
  • Rope Access Painting
  • Confined Space work
  • Light installation
  • Banner| Singlesticker Insulation
  • Silicon insulation
  • Broken Window glass replacement
  • Steel fabrication | cladding


  • Stadiums High –Rise Towers
  • Hotels |Airports |Metro Railway |Bridges
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hospitals |Banks
  • Commercial Building
  • Any of the infrastructures


Rope access is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a technique that allows certified technicians access to hard-to-reach areas, using a system of ropes and harnesses. It allows for work at heights and in confined spaces to be completed quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Once in working position, our technicians are able to complete work efficiently and effectively, offering significant advantages over traditional access methods such as scaffolding and man-lifts. Rope access can be used to complement traditional access methods.

Typical cost savings of 50% compared to traditional methods, when compared with other access solutions, such as scaffolding and man-lifts, rope access is typically half the cost and sometimes as little as a third of the cost.

  • Work can be completed faster

    Rope access is a far more efficient solution compared to traditional methods. The work required by trades is typically the same, but getting them into position takes a fraction of the time.

  • Increased safety.

    Despite the perceived fragility of rope access, it is actually far safer than other methods. With such a huge emphasis placed on safety, and the quality of our technicians, accidents are prevented before they occur.

  • Routine Maintenance Requires Approach with Utmost Efficiency.

    We complete maintenance work for all of the major industries. Our teams have extensive experience integrating into turnaround and shutdowns to complete a variety of different project scopes as efficiently as possible.

  • Constructions with Tower- Access

    For many major industries, rope access is a game changer when it comes to construction. With rope access, trades can work effectively and efficiently without having to install scaffolding, or involve the use of man-lifts.

Our processes, documentation, safety protocols, equipment management, and project planning allow for us to truly meet and align with our client’s goals, needs, and desired outcomes. Through all of this, safety remains at the core of every decision we make, it is our culture and we are committed to advancing our procedures and overall safety onsite at each project.


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